How to Build Trust and Connection Online

Do you feel disconnected from your clients & team when communicating online? Is it taking longer to build a connection and establish trust with the people you interact with? You aren’t alone. Learn how a few simple changes in your online communication habits will promote incredible results from your team, students and clients. Now with content from the very popular cross-Canada webinar tour "How to Build Trust and Connection Online".

How to Build Trust and Connection Online

  • 1


    • Introduction to the Course

  • 2

    About the Authors

    • Meet Leah Coss

  • 3

    Bonus Tips

    • Bonus Tips First

  • 4

    Changing Communication

    • What Has Changed in Communication?

  • 5

    Making a Choice, You or Them

    • Making a Choice, You or Them

  • 6

    Eye Contact

    • The Biggest Change You Can Make

  • 7

    MmmHmm and Verbal Affirmations

    • Audio Can Be Your Friend, or Enemy

  • 8

    Talking Heads

    • Their Perception is Your Reality

  • 9

    If It's Not In Frame, It Doesn't Exist

    • If it's Not in Frame, It Doesn't Exist

  • 10

    Screen Sharing

    • How to Use Screen Sharing Effectively

  • 11

    Increasing Engagement

    • Increasing Engagement

  • 12

    Mandating Cameras

    • Can You Mandate Cameras On?

  • 13

    Virtual Backgrounds

    • Thoughts on Virtual Backgrounds

  • 14

    Ending the Meeting

    • How to End a Meeting or Class