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Leah Coss

Leah Coss is on a mission to change the way we value & educate people in society. In order to prepare today’s kids for a future filled with Artificial Intelligence, Technology and ongoing Change, she has built platforms & education methodologies that promote the development of Essential Human Skill Development in children & youth. She is the Founder & Co-Founder of growing organizations such as Build a Biz Kids, BBK Network, The Fuel Academy & Your Current Future. Utilizing her extensive background in franchising and ongoing research in Essential Skills Development & Mindset, she is on a mission to reinvent the education system. Her organizations are actively utilizing new methods designed to draw out each child’s unique talents and equip them with the ability to share their gifts with the world. “Once we can achieve this across the globe, individuals will gain a greater sense of fulfillment which will allow societies to flourish & evolve.”

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